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This form is for SS&C employees, only!

If you do not work for SS&C but would like to park at one of our other facilities, please visit our Downtown Parking page instead.
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    Each building has certain parking facilities assigned to it for use by those building associates. Associates must park in a facility that is aligned with their workplace building.
  • Please check a parking location if you would like to be added to its waitlist.

    Please note that if you prefer to park in a location that is currently waitlisted, you will be responsible for notifying Mid-Con Management with a request to be placed on the applicable waitlist.

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  • I authorize SS&C Technologies, Inc. to withhold the above selected amount per month for the current month of parking, corresponding to the parking facility I have selected. I understand that this withholding will be made on a pre-tax basis, unless I indicate otherwise, and that this withholding will reduce my wages for Social Security purposes. I understand that this selection will automatically renew for each subsequent month.

    If I am setting up parking for the first time, I also authorize SS&C Technologies, Inc. to withhold a one-time payroll deduction in the amount of $20.00 to pay for the facility set-up fee. This fee is collected on behalf of the facility management company and pays for the activation of my parking. Parking transfers do not require payment of the facility set-up fee.

    The owner/operator of the vehicle acknowledges and agrees that Mid-Con Management, LLC shall not be responsible or liable for the loss or damage to vehicles or articles of personal property left in vehicles on the premises, and each vehicle is parked at owner's and/or operators risk. Mid-Con Management, LLC must be notified in advance of cancellation. The permit(s) are the property of Mid-Con Management, LLC and must be returned in order to cancel your Monthly Parker Agreement. Your signature on this agreement/contract acknowledges that you have read and understand the terms and conditions of this contract. There are no outside conditions, warranties, verbal agreements or understandings.

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